29 april 2014 / Clara Alvén

Spoke at iMorgon Grön


A few weeks ago I spoke at iMorgon Grön, a conference organized by the magazine Miljö & Utveckling every spring and fall. This spring’s theme was ”Sustainable business models ” and included the future reconnaissance, presentations of companies who are actively working for sustainability and workshops where participants had to think about sustainability themselves.

My role at the conference was that I gave a short presentation on the subject circular economy where I talked about how we’re working at DACA. Then I participated in a panel discussion with Michael Aastrup which is Nordic Manager Desso and Johan Sidenmark responsible for sustainable business development at COWI, where we discussed the circular economy and what trends we see in our everyday lives.

An interesting day with several pleasant acquaintances. I met Ellinor Eke who currently works as an environmental consultant at U&We who have previously been on the ASG (now DHL) and she told me that she, in the 90′s, did a study on wood pallets and PÖS. I’m starting increasingly to realize how little has happened in the market regarding pallets, both technically and economically .